The Court of Blood

A society of vampires based in London advocating that vampires take their rightful place as the open and undisputed masters of the world. The Court of Blood was ruled by the utterly ruthless, unimaginably powerful, and enigmatic self-styled King of Blood. The King of Blood came from out of nowhere in 1911, and settled into London, gathering followers and influence in an alarmingly short time. What was truly mysterious about this individual was that he was obviously a very ancient and powerful vampire, yet no one had ever heard of him before, nor could he be linked to any ancient legends. How could a powerful ancient have simply appeared, with no previous history? This question seems likely to never be answered, and the King of Blood has faded from the stage as quickly and mysteriously as he arrived.

One night in February of 1830, The King of Blood simply vanished without a trace or a warning, leaving his followers alone. They quickly descended into “barbarism” and went berserk. They stormed the streets of London soon after attempting to take the city as their own. Human London knows this attempt it as the February Night Riots. While the participants had agreed on the attack ahead of time, it could hardly be said to be planned, and certainly wasn’t coordinated. In addition, being aware of the King of Blood’s disappearance, and suspecting that something like this might result, the Prince of The Camarillia, Baron Heinrich Von Gothe-Faustus, arranged for most other paranormal aware factions present in London to get some type of heads up beforehand. As a result, the Army of Blood was met in battle by virtually every major power available. While these groups did not inter-coordinate, each one made its stand within its own sphere of influence, and was at least an organized and cohesive force in and of itself (something their opponents lacked), and knew with what they were dealing with. With the exception of the Camarillia vampires, the Army of Blood frequently didn’t know what they were dealing with. In result, the members of the Army of Blood were almost all unilaterally slaughtered. The few who survived were those behind the scenes instigators that didn’t directly participate, and the lucky few who managed to retreat. With the overnight virtual destruction of their organization, these survivors have no framework to support or unite them. While they still share the desire for a vampire ruled earth, the lines of communication and loyalty are, for now, severed. These “True Bloods” as they secretly call themselves have slunk back into the darkness from which they came. Some have sought refuge among the Camarilla “going over” to its side. (Some really have converted, their backfired campaign being enough to convince them that the Camarillia was right after all.) Others have simply found a rock to crawl under until such time as their master returns, or a new leader arises to unite them. As long as these two events are kept at bay, these creatures are just another toy for the politicians of the Camarillia, and the Prince has no problems with that. While he is powerless to affect the first reunification scenario, he studiously works to make sure that the seconded never comes to pass.

There was a rumor that the King of Blood did indeed return briefly for a night or two sometime that March. According to these rumors, he returned to with a demoness of the deep abyss as his wife, but before he could properly set up court, a marauding angel appeared and dispatched him in a sneak attack. Most do not believe this rumor, and no physical evidence has been found to support it.


The Court of Blood

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