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  • The Camarillia

    A society of vampires that values a certain amount of order and control over its "species." The Camarillia is an organization created and maintained by ancient vampires in order to exert a modicum of control over their brethren. The official goal of …

  • The Court of Blood

    A society of vampires based in London advocating that vampires take their rightful place as the open and undisputed masters of the world. The Court of Blood was ruled by the utterly ruthless, unimaginably powerful, and enigmatic self-styled King of Blood. …

  • Baron Heinrich Von Gothe-Faustus

    Prince of the London [[The Camarillia | Camarillia]] vampires. He counts among his most loyal followers [[:69529 | Blind Pew]], who heads his information and rumor gathering department. Blind Pew maintains a friendship with [[:52063 | Sophia St.Clair]] …

  • Blind Pew

    A Nosferatu Vampire who makes his home in the sewers of London. He is on very good terms with the rats of London, using his giant white rat familure, [[:69540]], as a liaison with them. He reports directly the Camarilla Prince incharge of London,