Dame Eliza Thornberry

Childhood friends with the Baroness who traveled in time with Mal Equis for 5 years.



  • Psychological Limitation: Hero (Common, strong) 15 pts
  • Enraged: At attacks on innocents (Common), go 11-, recover 14- 15 pts
  • Psychological Limitation: Looking for Mal Equis (Very common, moderate) 15 pts
  • Social Limitation: Out of Time and Culture (Occasionally, minor) 5 pts

Specific Sills/Perks/Talents/Powers

  • Voice of Authority- +13 PRE (13 Active points); Concentration, must concentrate throughout use of constant power (1/2 DCV; -1/2), Incantations (requires incantations throughout; -1/2), Activation roll 15< (-1/4)
  • Over-Under Autocannon: Killing Attack-ranged 2d6 (custom adder), 16 charges (0), +1 increased STUN multiplier (1/4), Variable special effects limited group of sfx; 1/4), Variable advantage (1 advantages; +2); Side effects, occurs automatically whenever power used (-1), Requires a DEX roll (-3/4), Costs Endurance (-1/2), Required hands, two-handed (-1/2), Real weapon (-1/4)

Eliza grew up with the Baroness Katherine and would frequently go on expeditions and safaris with her father to find things and hunt large game. One expedition when they went to find a lost city in Egypt, most of the group, including her father, died right in front of her eyes. When she was returned home she spent a year in a “Ladies’s Lying Down Clinic,” known to most people as an insane asylum. After being released Eliza went to the only place where she felt comfortable in the world, Africa. She lived there for 4 years until she finally got up enough courage to go return the findings from that fateful expedition to the Baroness Katherine. Now she left for 5 years (to Eliza), but only seconds to the rest of the group and returned after time traveling with Mal Equis.

Dame Eliza Thornberry

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