Xavier Lancaster

American Adventurer, a mix of Rick O'Connell and Allen Quartermain.

  • Str 16
  • Dex 18
  • Con 15
  • Body 15
  • Int 10
  • Ego 10
  • Pre 18
  • Com 16
  • PD 3
  • ED 3
  • Spd 4
  • Recovery 6
  • End 30
  • Stun 31

Born into a mercantile family in Boston, Mass., Xavier Lancaster III grew up with all the advantages of a wealthy upbringing, and it was reasonably assumed that he would take over the family business upon reaching adulthood, marrying and continuing the family line. But Xavier found High Society in Boston to be too confining and restrictive and after a heated argument with his family, left to seek out a life of adventure. For several years, he would travel across the globe, learning skills they didn’t teach in school (such as skill in firearms and fighting with your bare hands), as well as traveling to far distant lands and meeting all manner of interesting people. Among such individuals Xavier encountered would be the soon-to-be-famous gun-maker Samuel Colt who after a brief adventure, from whom he would receive a gift of a pair of prototype Colt revolvers. From the jungles of deepest, darkest Africa to the heights or the Himalayas to the wild untamed frontier of North America to the beauty and mystery of the Far East, Xavier traveled the globe in search of fortune and glory; and found it, he did.

Now, Xavier finds himself in a new world. The world of British High Society. And although this world is no less dangerous than the other lands he’s ventured to; Xavier Lancaster is never one to back down from a challenge.

Xavier is a living example of the classic adventurer popularized in fiction of the era. He has lived a life few people have even dreamed of and has literally hundreds of stories to tell of his many adventures across the globe. He possesses a rugged charm and magnetism that garners the attention of others (women in particular), as well as dashing good looks. Xavier is an expert marksman and gunfighter, easily capable of fighting with either a rifle or his twin revolvers.

Xavier Lancaster

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