Thex Hound

A six-legged living tracking device based off a cross between a dog and a cave stalker, with a lot of very special genetic modifications thrown in.


Combat Summary

Base OCV: 5 Base DCV: 5 ECV: 8
DEX: 15 SPD: 5 Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
17 PD (17 rPD) 17 ED (17 rED) MD: 20
END: 50 STUN: 35 BODY: 15


Characteristic Value Point Cost
STR 15/30 5
DEX 15 15
CON 25 30
BODY 15 10
INT 8 -4
EGO 25 30
PRE 20/40 10
COM 8 -1
PD 5 2
ED 5 0
SPD 5 25
STUN 35 0
RUN 10" 0
SWIM 2" 0
LEAP 3" 0

STR Roll: 12

DEX Roll: 12

CON Roll: 14

INT Roll: 11

EGO Roll: 14

PER Roll: 15


Psychological Limitation: Slavisly Loyal to its Master (Very Common, Total) 25

Psychological Limitation: Kill Desolate! (Very Common, Strong) 20

Enraged: When Packmmistress is Critically Wounded, Knocked Unconscious, or Killed (Common, 14, Recover 11) 25


Base Points: 530

Disads Total: +70

Powers Cost: 448

Skills Cost: 26

Characteristics Cost: 122

Total Cost = 596

Unspent: 4


19 Physiology Adjustments:

  • Life Suport (Diminished Sleep: Does Not Sleep; Immunity all terestrial poisons and chemical warefare agents; Safe in Intense Cold, Heat, & Radiation) (19 Active Points)

5 6-Legged:

  • Extra Limbs, Inherant (+1/4) (6 Active Points); Limited Manipulation (-1/4)

6 Sprinter:

  • +4 Running (8 Active points); Linked (6 Legged; -1/4)

8 Expert Climber: 6-legs, sharp claws, high strength, and cave stalker genetics all combine to make the Thex-Hound a highly effective climber.

  • Clinging (10 Active points); Linked (6-Legged, -1/4)
    • -1d6 from all knockback while in contact with a solid surface

30 Bite or Claw Swipe:

  • Killing Attack – Hand-to-Hand 1d6, Variable Advantage (Armor Peircing Claws, or Penetrating Bite +3/4), +1 Increased STUN Multiplier ( +1/4) (30 Active Points) [3 END]
    • 2d6 with STR

5 Darkvision (5 Active Points)

202 Imune to Psionics:

  • Supress Mental Powers – 17d6, Variable effect (All Mental Powers; +2), Persistant ( +1/2), Inherant ( +1/4), Area of Effect (1 Hex; +1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (404 Active points); Always On (-1/2), No Range (-1/2)
    • Blocks 102 Active Points worth of any Psycic Abilities directed at the Thex Hound’s Hex.

12 Strong Willed:

  • 20 MD (15 Active Points); Linked (Imune to Psionics; -1/2)

65 Anti-Worm Toxin:

  • Drain Mental Powers – 4d6, Variable effect (All Mental Powers; +2), Delayed Return Rate (20 minutes; +3/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END, +1/2), Continuous ( +1) (210 Active Points); Linked (Bite; -1/2), Limited Power (Only Affects the various varieties of The Colony such as The Progeny, The Desolate, and The Broken; -1 1/2), Limited Power (Only Continuous if Latched On; -1/4)
    • Has no affect on P2 Progeny, and the variety of The Broken known as Patchwork Elves
    • This is a genetically tailored toxin and is specifically NOT covered by Life Support

5 Magicaly Bound to Mistress (magic rather than psycic): A magic ritul is used to creat a mental link to an Oussrae-Thex or P2 Progeny Packmistress. This is a magical, rather than psychic, bond, and it therefore falls in the unusual sense category rather than the mental sense category.

  • Psychic Bond: 1 at a time (10 Active points); Only With True Drow or P2 Progeny who have undergone the proper bonding ritual (-1)

45 Chitin and Bone Armor Plating:

  • 12 ED & PD, Hardened (+1/4) (45 Active Points)

3 Thick Skinned: 5 Resistant PD & 5 Resistant ED (5 Active points); Linked (Chitin and Bone Armor Plating; -1/2)

8 Leathal Reputation:

  • +20 PRE (20 Active points); Limited Power (Affects The Desolate Only; -1 1/2)

15 Sense Desolate:

  • Detect Mind Links (Unusual, Passive), 360 Degree Perception, Tracking, Discriminatory, Analayze, Telescopic (+10 PER rolls to offset Range), Targeting (38 Active points); Limited Power (Only Affects the various varieties of The Colony such as The Progeny, The Desolate, and The Broken; -1 1/2)
    • Does work on P2 Progeny.

20 Enhanced Sense of Smell:

  • Discriminatory, Tracking, Targeting (20 Active points)


  • 11 Tracking: 15
  • 5 Teamwork: 13
  • 8 +4 PER roll

Combat Skills

  • 2 Latch On: Martial Grab, +5 STR (4 Active Points); Linked (Bite; -3/4), Limited Power (One Limb Only; -1/4)
    • 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, -1 DCV, +15 STR to hold on

One of the stapel servants of The Dark Scions, the Thex-Hound was created by the Drow of House Oussrae-Thex to aid them in their war with the The Desolate as they fought alongside The Progeny. The greatest advantage the Desolate had was that they had their own sub-network of the mental link they shared with the rest of their Progeny kin. They could see into the Progeny’s minds, but the Progeny could only see into their thoughts if the Desolate chose to let them. Physiologically identical to the P1 Progeny, the Desolate were almost impossible to detect absent a blood ritual conducted by the Matriarch of House of Oussrae-Thex herself.

In order to solve this detection problem, The Matriarch herself designed and grew the first Thex Hounds. They took five years to developed, but they have proved remarkably effective. They have the ability to sense the mind link of Colony variant species, and type it. They can tell which queen an individual is linked to, any subsets the individual is a part of, and they can even learn and track the specific mental signature of an individual in order to track them. They are bread with an instinctual hatred of The Desolate, and absent a mind linked controller will attack them on site, pursuing them until either The Desolate or the Thex-Hound is dead. They will also attack Broken on site, but are usually satisfied with driving them away. They will not attack Progeny, or any normal Drow without specific orders from a linked master.

A magic ritual is used to establish a mental link between a master and any individual hound. Note that the hounds are bound to their master, but not any other hounds in their pack. However, since they’re partially derived from canines, a pack structure comes naturally to them, and they have little to no trouble operating with other Thex Hounds under the same master. There can be a little cross pack friction between the hounds of different masters, but the masters can easily keep this in check as long as they are reasonably competent. Only true Drow, and P2 Progeny can be linked to a hound. Only The Matriarh herself and a few very trusted Oussrae-Thex know the ritual to bond these hounds. Any subjects undergoing the ritual are rendered deaf and blind for its duration.

The crowning achievement of the Thex-Hounds, however, is their special toxin which is specifically designed to neutralize the mind link and psychic powers of The Colony derived races. One of the strengths of these groups is the ability to mentally support one another at distance, and even channel strength to a besieged individual in dire need. This toxin cuts that right off, leaving The Desolate isolated, exposed, and vulnerable. After a mere 4 years of service, these beasts have become reviled terrors among the Progeny. In order to prevent The Desolate from harvesting and using the toxin against P1 Progeny, it has specifically been designed to break down almost immediately outside of the Thex-Hound’s body. It loses all potency within 3 seconds if not injected into a valid target. In order to keep the secrets of these creatures out of The Desolates hands, their DNA is designed to break apart if removed from a living cell (this also triggers if the cell dies) making it very difficult to near impossible to analyze it. Only The Matriarch herself knows the genetic recipe for these creatures.

It is important to note that the Thex Hound is a mundane animal created through the science of genetic engineering. Aside from the mystic link to its master, which is added through a traditional (though highly secret) magic ritual later, it is not magical in any way.

Thex Hound

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