A highly competent biomancer, loyal to her deific empress, and dedicated to completing her mission.


Somehow, the beings of the world of Victoriana have altered its properties to be lethal to The Desolate. The Dark Empress wants to know how. Ish’na-var’a is the agent she has sent to find out. From information the Dark Empress has from the Oussrae Thex it is suspected that a small group of natives clustered around The Baroness Lenix and Mrs. Sophia St.Mychaels are at the center of this. Since this effect is equally dangerous to The Progeny as well, it is to be expected that they would likely not be interested in see this effect spread outside this realm. Therefore, The Progeny are not being used as contacts for this mission, even though they have some knowledge of this world.

Ish’na-var’a is a master Oussrae biomancer who is dedicate to her deific empress. The Empress has sent her to the world of Victoriana to investigate the anti-Desolate/Progeny/Broken measures that have been implemented there. Her task is to find out how it is done, and to determine how it may be duplicated. She is authorized to use any means necessary to do this. Ish’na-var’a is functioning as a direct representative of her goddess in this matter, and is not involved with The Dark Scions. The resources she has are drawn entirely from The Oussrae. This is likely scant comfort for those who would oppose her, as The Oussrae are truly formidable.


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