A young gypsy girl who just happens to be a born werewolf.


Illiana was born into a troop of traveling gypsies from Romania. Unlike the rest of her clan who were turned, Illiana was born a werewolf. Enslaved by a militant sect of Catholic monks, Illiana’s troop was forced to attack another order of more scholarly monks whom their tormentors believed were falling into heresy. Fortunately, The Prometheus was present, and her command crew managed to foul the assault, but not without great cost. Two of the troop were killed before they could be freed from the control of the dastardly papists. the Baroness Lenix was able to use her magic to revive one of the fallen, and in gratitude they “gave” Illiana to the Baroness to repay her for the life she had restored to them.

Since then Illiana has been traveling aboard the airship with The Baroness as her ward and protector. Even as Illiana honors the commitment of her family by protecting The Baroness and serving her in any capacity she can, The Baroness has undertaken the job of looking out for Illiana among modern civilization, and begun teaching her to get in touch with her human side and its corresponding social skills. Since Illiana is used to trooping through the wilderness, more often wolf than woman, this tutelage is not without its frustrations.


Victoriana, Alternate years Florimel