Dr. Gaetan Moliére

A fat, repulsive Frenchman overly obsessed with dirt & Eliza Thornberry.


Dr. Moliére was once a respected French PhD in both metallurgy and geology. That was before he postulated that metal, specifically lithium, could be used to store electricity, not just conduct it. The rest of the scientific community laughed him “off-stage” before he could get very far with this idea because, as everyone knew, metal discharges electricity at the first opportunity. One can’t use it to store it. Shortly after his embarrassment before his peers, he disappeared while on a geological expedition to a volcano.

Recently Dr. Moliére has reappeared in Africa. He is apparently using some type of gigantic, highly advanced drilling machines to bore through the ground and live in the bowls of the earth itself. He emerged briefly to snatch away Miss. Eliza Thornberry, but her traveling companions managed to retrieve her.

He seems to have some deep-set grudge against Bernardo O’Higgins, although what exactly it is remains to be seen.

Dr. Gaetan Moliére

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