Dr. McMillian

He's pretty spry, for a dead guy.


Dr. McMillian was a brilliant physician who, along with Sir Gregory St.Mychaels, was one of the first people to begin a crusade against the scourge represented by the waspmen. It was Dr. McMillian who created the morphine treatment that has kept Sir Gregory sane, and helped Miss Sophia St.Clair maintain her own composure. Unfortunately, he died. In the dark of the early morning of February 18th 1830, Dr. McMillian fell while attending Miss Andrea Blaize-Darke, desiccated by the Spirit of Death Incarnate that had possessed the body of Miss. Blaize-Darke.

But it did not end there. Atherton Grey collected his body, and took it to his vampiric masters. For good or ill, Dr. McMillian now prowls the night as a Nosferatu vampire under the tutelage of Blind Pew.

For more information on the good doctor’s life before he became a vampire see: Sophias Journal—First Entry

Dr. McMillian

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