Miss Paula Tanhauser

A lavishly beautiful young woman, who just happens to be a zebra under her illusion of humanity.


Attended the coming out party of young Miss Temperance Winholz where she hung sensuously upon the arm of Mr. Xavier Lancaster. Now it appears she wants to kill him as well as get into his pants. At this time, it is unclear if she has a preferred order for those two events.


It is now understood that Miss Tanhauser is a member of one of The Broken (Waspmen) groups. Miss. Tanhauser’s “faction” are known as the Patchwork Elves, who have been cured (very relatively speaking) of their insanity through use of a poison that permanently separates them from the psychic network they would normally be bound to, thus sparring them from the effects of the feedback loop of insanity. However, their minds are not “normal” in any sense of the word, and Miss Tanhauser’s infatuation with Mr. Lancaster demonstrates it. Pain is beauty to her, so she was trying to beautify him through pain.

After the events regarding her and Mr. Lancaster on February the 22nd (See Campaign Timeline for details), her handlers, Viscountess Dowager Paracleseastes Moon and Count Vayeara VonErland agreed to “deport” her to her home realm, thus ensuring Mr. Lancaster need not fear any further… “medical procedures” at her hands.

Miss Paula Tanhauser

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