Mr. Jonathan Tisps

A solid man of integrity and intelligence, he is quickly becoming one of the preeminent accountants and financiers in London.


The man of finance for The Baroness Lenix. Mr. Tisps is a highly competent and well-educated accountant who has been working for the Lenix family since he was hired by Lady Katherine’s father shortly before her birth. He has known her all her life, and he is a good friend and sometimes surrogate uncle for her as well as a financial genius whom she employs to handle her money, bills, and investments.

Mr. Tisps’ instructions are twofold. To manage the moneys of The Baroness such that she has a significant amount of liquid assets available to her whim, and to make sure that she has notable funds invested in the capital of technological entrepreneurs such that she has a significant presence in multiple “hi-tech” firms of renown and profit. This he has done with great success, allowing The Baroness significant financial resources and a solid reputation as a patron of science and technology. One area of technology they have especially targeted is transportation. Mr. Tisps has been particularly successful in insinuating The Baroness into the burgeoning railroad and steamship industries. As one of her pet projects, The Baroness has instructed Mr. Tisps to keep an eye out for entrepreneurs who present good prospects for duplicating Prussian air-ship technology, although potential candidates must pass a personal vetting & technical evaluation by the Baroness herself before they are given any funds.

Originally, The Baron Lenix had paid him a flat annual salary for his services, and was concerned primarily with earning enough capital to finance his overseas expeditions. These trips, while within reasonable costs for The Baron’s wealth bracket, were a constant drain on the Households liquid assets, and thus restricted the principle funds with which Mr. Tisps had to work with in generating profits. Since her ascension, The Baroness has changed a few things. This past year she has been deliberately frugal in order to allow Mr. Tisps time to build up a greater supply of principle funds with which to perform the investments and thus generate greater returns in the long run. This has paid off magnificently, allowing for not only the repair of the family fortunes, but a massive increase in funds for both personal use and reinvestment as well. She has also slightly altered their employment terms. Originally, her father had paid him a flat annual salary. Now, The Baroness pays him a reduced fee for his services divided into quarterly payments, but has added a quarterly commission based on a small percentage of the net increase in her quarterly gross. Due to his skill at money managing and investment the rapid and significant growth of the Baroness’ fortunes has actually bumped his income up significantly. With the surplus money he has begun investing his own funds alongside those of the Baroness, and is slowly but surely become a wealthy gentleman in his own right.

Recently, with The Baroness’ approval of course, Mr. Tisps has decided to use his funds to open his own financial office, hire a few clerks and assistants, and take on multiple clients. His first new client, referred to him by Baroness Lenix herself, has been the Winholz estate managed by Barrister St. Claire. Mr. Tisps has high hopes that through his management of the Winholz estate he can impress Mr. St. Claire sufficiently to add him as a client as well. At this rate, Mr. Jonathan Tisps is poised to become one of the most successful pioneers in what will become the mutual funds industry over the next century.

Mr. Jonathan Tisps

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