Mr. Bartholomew Dunsworth

An elderly gentleman, with a full head of grey hair. He wears spectacles and is tall, heavyset, and just a little pudgy.


Mr. Dunsworth is an elderly gentleman, with a full head of grey hair. Clean shaven, He used to have two sets of glasses, one for reading and one for “not running into things as I walk” but now wears a set of bifocal spectacles. (“An American invention, my dear boy! By Jove! What will those Colonials think of next?”) He is a tall, heavyset man who has become just a little pudgy in his old age. He is a kind and learned Englishman of utmost manners. He is gregarious and jovial by nature, but when those people he cares about or his closely held moral principles are threatened, he becomes a tower of quiet, calculating rage.

Stats of Note
  • INT 16
  • EGO 18
  • PRE 16
Skills of Note
  • Latin (Speak & Write): 15
  • History: 15
  • Somewhat unflappable: +9 PRE Defense
  • Reputation: Learned Man (A large group) 11-, +1/+1d6
  • +1 Damage rank in social combat.
  • Skillful Deflection (Social Combat Block): 1/2 Phase, +2 SCV, +2 SDCV, Block, Abort
  • Cutting Observation: 1/2 Phase, +2 SCV, +0 SDCV, 5d6 Strike (+1 damage rank factored in)

Mr. Dunsworth is a professional Latin & [Western] Civilization (History) tutor, engaged by the wealthy and the peerage to educate their children. Several years ago, The Baron Lenix engaged his services as tutor to his young daughter Katherine to teach her the language of scholarship. The two hit it off extremely well, and within a week, she was more fluent than Mr. Dunsworth himself. It was during this time that the Baroness Lenix became deathly ill. With more and more of the Baron’s time tied up in attending his sick wife (and pursuing his mystical research for a cure), he gradually became estranged from his daughter. Seeing how well Mr. Dunsworth and his daughter got along, he engaged the gregarious tutor as Katherine’s head tutor and governor, placing him in charge of overseeing her entire education and day to day activities. Mr. Dunsworth happily accepted the job, and the two have been extremely close ever since then.

Mr. Dunsworth has become something of a surrogate father to Katherine, and even acted as her guardian and chaperone in the Baron’s absences overseas (at the Baron’s own request). A duty he has continued to perform for the Baroness after her father’s untimely death. He has called her Katie since she was a child, even in public, a habit he continues (with her encouragement) even after her ascension as Baroness Lenix. However, despite his repeated enjoinders to call him Bartholomew now that she is an adult and an equal, it feels to strange to her to call him anything other than ‘Mr. Dunsworth.’ He is one of the few people aware of her incredible talent with languages (not that it’s a secret, just that she rarely has much of a chance to show it off.) He’s also about the only one who knows close to the full extent of her linguistic studies. He is, however, unaware of her recent forays into true magic.

Note: Although he likes to brag about Katherine’s talent for learning languages, he respects and protects her privacy, so inquires into anything specific regarding Lady Katherine (such as but not limited to: her knowledge or specific things he’s taught her or arranged for her to learn, her habits, the layout of her home, etc…) will be politely but firmly rebuffed with comments like: “Well that’s a little personal a question isn’t it,” “I really gather that is none of our business,” and “If you really want to know that, I think you shall have to ask The Baroness herself.” It is possible he migth speak more freely with someone he knows to be a close freind of hers.

Mr. Bartholomew Dunsworth

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