Mr. Thomas


Status: Deceased.


Mr. Thomas was a dealer in rare books. The last sale he was involved in before his murder was in an obscure Middle Eastern Text concerning unknown matters mystical. Two parties, The Baroness Lenix and the Black Sun were competing for the purchase, but the deal was never concluded due to the brutal slaying of Mr. Thomas and the theft of the book along with the destruction and/or looting of his entire collection of books. According to the London Metropolitan Police, Mr. Thomas was brutally tortured to death by having every bone in his body broken one at a time. The Baroness Lenix has not the temperment to be asociated in any way with such a gastly event, nor even a motive for doing so as Mr. Thomas had already agreed to sell to her, although the deal had not yet been carried out. While it is well within the reputation of the Black Sun to have stolen the book once denied, the brutal torture murder is far outside of their M.O., and the destruction wrot upon his library is an anathema to the bibliophilic pack-rat organization.

To date, the identity(ies) of the murderer(s) remain(s) unknown, as does the exact motive.

Mr. Thomas

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