Victoriana, Alternate years

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend...

It seems that if I focus upon only one or two things at a time I do not become overwhelmed. It is deplorably slower but much more effective. Eustice is so protective or is worried I will throw myself upon the help. I wonder if that is why he has asked for my hand, poor Temperance she has no one to look after her now. These feelings of anger are obviously misplaced. I just cannot wrap my head around this relationship, it feels right but I can produce unquestionable proof that it is the right thing to do. Perhaps in this arena I will err on the side of the faults of my sex and try not to be too logically.

Count Von Erland and Viscountess Moon have become somewhat unconventional but allies none the less. After Mr. Lancaster managed to get himself kidnapped by his psychotic and very sadistic admirer we successfully rescued him from her clutches however not before she performed some sort of reconstructive surgery to his musculature. It was single most deplorable and fascinating thing I’ve seen in some time. The fact that poor Mr. Lancaster was un-anesthetized during it is horrible and cruel. But the technical skill and stead fast hand used to perform such a procedure and in such crude conditions. In no more than the course of an afternoon. It boggles the mind. We was able to to aptly interrogate Miss Taunhauser and with the pieces of information she gave us was able to force our new allies to be frank with us. And in doing so discovered my first major break. Aside from the fascinating new poisons I was able to gather I have been told there may be a cure. At least for those that have been stung as well as bit. And from that I’m sure I can fashion something to work on the rest of us. And in the meantime the light cage will help alleviate the severity of the symptoms. I am happy and I see the light at the end of this tunnel. Perhaps I can seriously entertain thoughts of where and when Eustice and I should marry. But first I must finish this next phase in my project, then I will look at marriage preparations.

Temperance Elizabeth Winholz



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