Victoriana, Alternate years

Exerp from the journal of Xavier Lancaster


Had I not witnessed it with my own eyes, I’d have thought those telling me these fantastical stories were mad or had a little too much to drink. But I saw the evidence with my own eyes; I shot that man at least ten times and although the force of the bullets impacting upon his body did indeed floor the man, he still managed to stand up and escape from the hotel suite; although without the prize he and his compatriots had come for: Miss Blaize-Darke.

I thought when I had accepted Atherton’s invitation to come to London for a holiday from my near-constant travels, I’d have an opportunity to relax and perhaps get in contact with my family in Boston. But after the falling out we had at my refusal to settle for the stifiling life of Boston high society and instead leave to find my own fortune, I can only assume they believe me to be dead. Or at the very least they have disowned me and no longer acknowledge my existence as their son. No matter though. The life they offered is nothing compared to the life I live.

I’ve been to some amazing places and encountered things that many people have only dreamed of, but now here, in the cradle of modern civilization itself, I find myself part of an adventure even I couldn’t scarcely believe myself. Not only Vampires, but these sinister Wasp-Men appear to be an even bigger threat. If they are attempting to integrate themselves into positions of power here in London, they it falls upon us to stop them any way we can.

Atherton and I are making preparations for the coming fight ourselves. I’ll speak to the doctor here to see if they can make special ammunition for my shotgun. Since salt is these creature weakness, rock salt should be an adequate weapon against them. As for my pistols, Wasp-Men or not, they’re living, breathing creatures; which means they can be killed. The vampires however, are another story. If necessary, I can resort to a saber or my hunting knife to fight them; but my guns are not effective against them. Unless…

I wonder if a priest can bless ammunition?



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