Victoriana, The Alternate Years

The Year is 1830, and it has been 15 or so years since Napoleon’s defeat. Since that time the great powers have been at war with themselves and with various individuals that have an affinity with Science and technology. Even now Simon Bolivar is striding across south america with his army of mechanical men as tall as houses. And the Infamous Rober is hovering somewhere over Iceland.

The great powers have harnessed the might of the industrial revolution and those with great understanding of it to make great armies. Some great Scientists and genius have taken over certain countries ( Prussia for example) and now use them as a base for armies but also as experiments in social engeneering.

Against this backdrop the old forces of magic have begun to crawl from the darkness the renaissance had pushed them into. Feeding off the frustrations and oppression of the common man. Some say the stars are finally right and the ancient ones time has come.

But of course most of the citizens of the world just want to live, love, marry and have a safe place for their children.

But still the unexplored globe and beyond beckon for those adventerous enough to brave the wilds.

Character design

Hero system design.

100 pt total, 50 pt. base and 50 pts. of Disads.

Victoriana, Alternate years

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